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Welcome to Zelda Creators!

Zelda Creators is a hub for people who make Zelda themed content to gather, interact and share with each other, and now with fans! Most of the fun happens through our discord server, which is free to join. You can also still take part in some of the fun on our website and other social media. Follow us and celebrate all things Zelda!

Email:   zeldacreators@gmail.com

Our Monthly Challenges for You

Every month, we challenge Zelda fans to get creative. We do our best to give challenges that fit all types of creators. If you take on any of the challenges below, make sure to post them on your social media and mention #ZCcreatorchallenge ! We would love to share your work!

Our Monthly Logo and Banner

The logo and banner for our discord are created by different members of our server every month. Check out this month's pieces below. Please also consider following the creators involved!

ZC Logo

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Our Supporters

These are the amazing people who are boosting our discord server so that we can provide even more activities and content for all of you. 

If you become a supporter on our server, you can receive several benefits:

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