Zelda Creators Modcast

We have a podcast on YouTube where we interview Zelda creators of all different types, big and small! We also have discussions on current Zelda news and share some personal takes through interesting Zelda related games. See all episodes below or on our YouTube channel.

Our most recent episode:

Join us for our 2 year anniversary celebration of the Zelda Creators discord server. Celebrating our community with two official Zelda voice actors doing a Q&A and voicing some of the servers beloved OCs. A big thank you goes out to Joe Hernandez (Daruk, Yunobo) and Jacob Craner (Robbie) for joining us for this special event! 

Past Episodes:

Tears of the Kingdom special feat. The Switch Clicks | ZELDA CREATORS MODCAST ep.6

August 1, 2023

In this episode we discuss our experiences with Tears of the Kingdom. Our featured guests are Dakota and Nathan from the Switch Clicks podcast! 

Thank you very much to the fine folk from Zeldathon that joined us for an interview! In this episode, Monika and James tell us all about the ongoing Zeldathon event. Additionally we work together to create a Link and Zelda tier list, ranking our favorite ones.

A huge thanks to Joel from Linktober and Zelda Creator Con for joining us on the fourth Modcast episode! He will be telling us about the beginnings of the Linktober event as well as the upcoming Creator Con. Lastly we discuss our thoughts and feelings on the most recent TOTK trailer (no spoilers!) 

In this episode we cover summer and fanfictions. Featuring an interview with MickeyTaco about her fanfictions and experiences as a writer.

In the episode the main topic is breath of the wild 2 and our predictions about the game. Featuring an interview with JoeyJ about her running comic "Bond of Legends". The comic is Joey's interpretation on the potential story of Breath of the Wild 2 and features the Zonai race. 

An introduction to the show along with an interview with Flutefemme, a Zelda artist, writer, and one of our ZC admin!