5 Spooky and Recurring things in TLOZ Series

POSTED ON:  October 3, 2023 

by: raiccu

Ah, autumn! It is time to get your candles out, close the curtains and wrap the blanket around your shoulders. The leaves are turning yellow and orange, the temperature’s getting colder and sun sets earlier day by day. But darker evenings give our imagination more ideas to work with; what was that noise, did someone knock my window, did that tree just move?

Did you notice the Blood Moon rising? No worries, you’re safe here. Instead, I searched (and fought) some spooky and recurring monsters and occurences throughout TLOZ, and here are some of them...

Zelda II, TP, and Super Smash Bros Dark Links

5. Dark Link

Dark Link has been part of TLOZ series since the second game, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (1987). Dark Link is said to be Link’s shadow, the dark side. The fights against him are also symbolic; they are about battling yourself and the power within.

Dark Link hasn’t been officially in lore for a while, but he is still in-game. Dark Link is used in Smash Bros. Series, Hyrule Warriors series and in newer games, such as Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. Dark Link can also be seen in Himekawa’s manga adaptation of Ocarina of Time.

SS and OOT 3D Skulltulas

4. Skulltulas 

(Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword)

Skulltulas are one of the common enemies in LOZ universe. The first appearance was in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998). These mobs still scare the living Cuccoo out of me! They are just chilling there, but their poisonous colouring really do have impact in me. Fighting them for the first time (and even now) felt impossible, because you can’t just swing your weapon and beat it.

OOT ReDead and TOTK Gibdo

3. ReDead & Gibdo

Another scary mob has returned – kind of. Gibdos have been around since the first game from 1986, but the core memory related to them comes from Ocarina of Time as ReDead. Gidbo’s and ReDead’s anatomy and behaviour are very similiar, but they are NOT the same creature! These creatures are slow due to being mainly skin and bones. They usually lurk or lay around and react to movement. ReDeads attack by squeezing and biting Link, and Gibdos use their long arms and swing them to attack.

The models are scary enough, but the worst combo with it? The scream. No wonder Link freezes out (of fear?) when these creatures look at him, I mean I would too! I really hope I won’t meet up with these never AGAIN. Oh wait, I haven’t finished TotK.

MM and SS haunting hands

2. Haunting Restrooms

This one was surprising for me. In Majora’s Mask and Skyward Sword, you can find haunting restrooms with their own quest and lore. The haunting is shown with a hand appearing out of the toilet seat and it is begging for paper, whatever that means. This phenomenon is very mysterious  and needs more investigating, I wonder what happens if you get them some paper...

Super Smash Bros cuccoo

1. Cuccoos

Just... stay away from these monsters.

Why is it friend and hug shaped then, you ask?

So they can steal your hearts, take the Master Sword and conquer the whole Hyrule! Stay safe!!

Hyrule is full of scary monsters and occurences. I still run away from the most basic mobs and quests due to the scary level and the spookiness of the games. But in a way, I like the spooky stuff. It feeds my curiosity to explore and go further in games, even if it takes a bit longer. And hey, luckily there’s autosave – wait, why is this autosaving? Oh no.

Stay warm and safe while exploring Hyrule!