Frosty and Cozy Fun at Snowfield Stable

POSTED ON:  December 3, 2023 

by: Korike

Quite a few Legend of Zelda titles boast some kind of frozen location, ranging from dungeons of ice to eerie and sometimes horror-inducing hideouts like the Snowpeak Ruins in Twilight Princess. I’m not personally all that familiar with snow and ice since I live in a warm climate, but if I had to pick one of these chilly spots for a vacation, I’d definitely choose the Snowfield Stable from Tears of the Kingdom as my number one destination.

Assuming I’d be traveling the way a certain heroic swordsman does, a trip to Snowfield Stable would begin at the Orochium Shrine’s travel point. It might sound cheesy, but I actually think this shrine itself is a lovely spot to start a winter vacation, with the sparse pines around it and that dusting of snow on the rock’s surface. It’s certainly good for a photograph, and I like to imagine the sound of those first few steps into the snow crunching under my feet as I walked forward from the travel point.

From here, Snowfield Stable is just a quick hop skip and a jump away to the southwest. Situated on the Tabantha Tundra and just a short distance from the massive drop that is Tanagar Canyon (a place I tend to avoid like the plague due to frequently becoming stuck in it in Breath of the Wild because of my overzealous climbing aspirations) the stable is in a perfect location to both get a gorgeous view of the open snowfield in bright weather, and a charming and welcoming rest stop both on your way in and out of the Hebra region.

Of course it doesn’t visually appear any different from any other stable, with its giant horse head and colorful tapestries, but there’s something so much more charming and inviting about the faraway glow of the lights and the little puff of smoke coming from the rooftop in the midst of such a frigid region of the game. Sure, at its core it’s just a stable unlike the more unique dungeons of Zelda titles past that were similarly situated in the snow and ice, but have you ever truly wanted to spend a night in a dungeon for a vacation? All right, maybe you have, but personally, I’d be much more excited for a stable bed and a semi-plausible chance at building a snowman that didn’t immediately fall apart for the first time.  I absolutely love how this area sparkles to life in the bright sunshine, and with that in mind, I’d probably take the opportunity for a little jaunt into the Hebra mountains while I enjoyed my stay here. 

As ToTK players are likely already aware, the Snowfield Stable owner has a request that pushes you to the top of Talonto Peak. I like to imagine that this semi-perilous hike up the hill to the lone pine is actually a pretty popular tourist destination to those brave enough to endure the cold at Snowfield Stable in the first place. Assuming I’d have the opportunity to hire a brave sword-wielding guide to fend off any potential threats, I can’t see any good reason not to head up the mountain path towards the tall peak, taking in my surroundings as I climbed. 

There’s some noteworthy spots along the way up the mountain, like the icy river of Hebra Falls that flows from Hebra Headspring down into Hebra Plunge at the base. Like most rivers in this region, this one boasts sub-zero temperatures that would absolutely hurt you in real life much like it does in the game. That much being said, it’s one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the sunshine, especially since it contrasts sharply against the steel gray rocks.

I’d also be on the lookout for the animal population in this area. Moose frequent this cold region in both titles in the series, and if I was lucky I might be able to catch sight of a more elusive creature, like a nest of winterwing butterflies. Assuming it wasn’t snowing too heavily, I might even catch sight of an arctic fox like this one, hiding in the midst of a bright patch of snow.

The top of Talonto Peak and the Lone Pine would be breathtaking by themselves, but I think this area’s real charm comes from the view. As high up as you’d be, you could see for miles around you, and likely get a good glimpse of Hyrule’s famous sunsets.

If you were brave enough to spend the night, you’d be able to enjoy the sight of a bright and warm campfire contrasted against the snow. I don’t know that I’m a camping person, but I think this would be worth it.

When all is said and done, however, I think I’d return to Snowfield Stable to enjoy some of those warm beds and the cheerful conversation of my fellow travelers. If I was visiting this region at the right moment I might even have time to catch a concert by the Stable Trotters while I had a bowl of the stable’s most popular dish- Spicy Meat Stew! Now that sounds like a great way to end a cold adventure, especially if it means I’d get to cook it myself with the stable’s cooking facilities. Talk about cozy! I feel pretty confident that the cold resistance effect would come in handy for a good night’s sleep, too.

The Hebra region is certainly full of surprises, but sometimes, it’s nice to kick back and enjoy the familiar. For me, that’s the very essence of a winter’s vacation, and I can think of no better place to do that than a lovely spot like Snowfield Stable. With its warm interior, great location, and friendly NPCs, it’s certainly everything I’d look for in a winter wonderland. What do you think? Would you spend the night here?